Journal Update

It’s been a while…

Life has been quiet and incredibly interesting – the currents are changing nicely.

I have changed the way I teach the kids – I now use weekly plans instead of having it all in my head and having the kids practice math/writing/etc every day. This goes completely against what Mr Ex does with the kids – which is only book-based, following his own, very singular curriculum. The kids are still adjusting, but it is more interesting for them and I can see the positive effect of this approach already.

Work is very demanding at the moment, but it has not yet taken over my life, and I don’t think it stands a chance actually. All the same, I’m getting very positive feedback from clients, so apparently, setting priorities away from work is not doing any harm.

I am also preparing a summer adventure – voluntary work with  kids in my new language. So far, the formal stuff is organised, and I know what I will be doing. I still need to prep everything though, fix the dates, make sure that I can actually give yoga classes and science sessions (etc) for kids in a foreign language, practice understanding said language when it is spoken at street level, and so on and so forth. Some days I get really excited and feel this is going to be an amazing experience, other days I’m so scared I consider blowing it all off. But – I have a habit of doing scary things sometimes, and apart from a headache and perhaps a difficult day, I have never regretted this habit. So scared or not, I’m doing this 🙂

The most exciting part of organising until now was definitely informing Mr D that I would be around for an extended period. Although this is not an excuse for getting myself over there, I had promised that I would inform him if I was ever planning of coming over, and inform him I did, with a beating heart.

His first assumption was that I was coming over for SOMEBODY (male) – I think I may have managed to convince him now that that is not the case.

So, we will definitely see each other.

A week after this, he told me he would be “close” to me that same day, and would I be around to meet up? – “close” however was still a 5 hour drive and no other sensible way to get there. So I said I’d love to, but I couldn’t make it. But I wanted to so bad – and the two people I talked to about this both said something along the lines of “oh well, you’re right not to go, but when you change your mind,  xyz…” – apparently it would have been typical me to go after all, on a work day, just for the chance of a few words. It’s really interesting when you see your own personality reflected in such a way – I rather like it too…

Anyway, after opening and closing google maps 826492 times and searching every flight website there is for two days, I sent Mr D another message with the screenshot of the distance, telling him that I can’t decide whether it is too far or not – he managed to silence the chaos in my head by reassuring me that we would see each other soon. The world erupted in sweet-smelling roses with that, and I was my usual balanced self again.

We have been in touch from time to time – even on a video call, when my youngest rang him without warning me and all of a sudden, there was Mr D on the screen… it was lovely, although my youngest was a bit irritated because he wasn’t the center of attention, which he usually is with his big friend.

On a really twisted note, Mr Ex’ new girlfriend is now also practicing THE LANGUAGE with me – because her Ex is from there. Imagine the energies zapping through the atmosphere when I came to pick the kids up and we were chatting in front of Mr Ex, who didn’t understand a word, in the language of her Ex and my current interest. He was close to exploding in his jealousy-laden world. And all I could think was “Not My Problem”. I enjoyed the whole experience.

I am still following and exploring allowing femininity in my life. It feels so good, so much more rooted and right. Maybe I’ll find time to write more about that and my insights, and the effects that this journey of the mind has had so far sometime. I would  like to, but there are other things that come first.



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