I was Scared Last Night

… with the wind beating against the house, forcing it’s way in at the windows, causing doors to bang inside and things to bang and break outside.

I got up all the same at 3 o’clock, when a loud bang woke me with a start. The wind had blown the inside cover panel of a window box into the room, in the children’s bedroom.

Thank goodness they weren’t there, and it only scared me.

I didn’t fear that the house would collapse or that something really bad would happen.

I feared being on my own in the darkness, all the noise and the brute force beating against the house and making its way inside.

I was scared because I knew I was all alone, unprotected from the darkness and the raw sounds from the storm.

I wanted protection of human touch. Receiving and giving trusting protection just by being together.

What a teacher that storm was.


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