Feminine Energy

Feminine energy – some people seem to have it, some have less. Some should have an ample supply of it, because they are women, but don’t. Some have it but aren’t in touch with it, and wonder why something feels uncomfortable.

I don’t think I have been very connected to my feminine energy much lately. I have definitely never been consciously connected with my feminine energy, though at times I know I have loads and use it well.

Professionally, I have been in a male dominated world since I started earning serious money. Growing up, I sometimes had to take over for my mother, when she got overwhelmed with the need to move house after her divorce, or if my siblings’ needs and her new job clashed. Later on, having kids myself, I was always the mother as well as the “strong, can-carry-anything, can-fix-anything” person in the house, as their father only fills an intellectual role, not a very physical one. Now I am on my own anyway, with the demands on both sides of energy at all times.

So I suppose, it’s no wonder that my feminine energy sometimes gets a bit stuck and overruled by the louder, quicker masculine energy.

I am grateful for the yet persistent strength of my feminine energy, that got me through grieving and healing through Lily, and many other less strenuous times.

Now it’s time to strengthen that feminine energy and let her take control, asking the masculine to help out sometimes (maybe), but she won’t be ignored anymore if I can help it.

I have learned that feminine energy lives through movement, through the process of creating, through connecting and consciously using all senses. Very importantly, we grow strong by receiving – conscious receiving is something I will have to include in my life. I have always seen the role of a mother as a more giving role, but then again, as a woman, one is not only a mother (though sometimes it can feel this way).

I am trying to explore these ideas while I have some days off work. I am hoping that I will be able to explore far enough to be able to keep it up when the usual work-kids-sleep trott starts up again.

Any ideas and experiences are most welcome!


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