Time to grow again

…little soul.

Time to stretch and go to new, perhaps uncomfortable places, to become more centered, more balanced.

We have done this before, you and I. And I think we have come a long way together – but we have been resting for long enough now. I have spotted some old habits creeping back in. They remind me of the garden gnomes in Harry Potter. No matter how far you fling them and how much you scare them off, if you have the right kind of garden, they will come back.

So, this time, dear soul, we will try to dig a little deeper, and see if we can’t find out why these old behaviours that we keep cutting ourselves on like living with us so much.

You have no reason to be afraid. We are doing well. We have pulled through so many things, together. We have a lot of strength and experience to draw from. I know from experience that we will find good, even if it is a little foggy right now. You have to understand – we can’t stay in this place now. We need to go, even if we are tired.

You forget sometimes, how old and wise you are, dear soul. You hand the reigns to the little girl, who is desparate for safety and love and has been like this for quite some time now. You, wise soul, are the only one who can give that to our little girl.

I know – sometimes it’s exhausting. Sometimes there is no energy left to be the safe haven for the little girl. But she needs it, and there is nobody else in the world who can give her what she needs. Maybe the time has come for her to grow a little wiser – but she can only do that if she is feeling safe. She mustn’t be holding the reigns.

She needs to be free of worry, and she will share her carefreeness with the world. She needs to feel safe, and she will share her endless trust. She needs to be loved so that she can share her love with the world around her. She needs all this so that she can be part of us again – part of you, old soul, part of me, the body being flung from one situation into the next.

Because in the end, we all need to be one.


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