Make your life a fairy tale

This sentence has got me. I believe strongly in being positive, believing in good things (and then good things will happen) etc. A few days ago, I read this. It was the last sentence on some meme or other. E.g.

Be positive

Live in the moment

Take care of yourself

Make your life a fairy tale

This little sentence has been worming its way into my brain and has now made itself a comfy home there. It’s going to make me do some crazy things. Things I will think about later and think how the hell did I find the courage to actually do that?

This is how I function. I get myself into situations which would scare the life out of me if I took any time to think them through. So I don’t, I leave that until afterwards.

It’s been some time since I’ve done anything like that – I think it’s time for that kind of thing again. Fairy tale things only happen if you get yourself into fairy tale situations, right? So…

I just hope I don’t really lose it somewhere along the way.


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