Journal Update #10

Things are quiet here. The children are with their father, and I miss them dreadfully. I haven’t actually heard from them for a week and I just hope that that means everything is fine.

I am using the time to get some formal paperwork done, and to work, and practice music and my new language. I’m having fun with the language actually. I have found a language learning app which allows you to find language partners around the world – I now know quite a few people in a small far away country who I would like to visit whenever I am there again.

Work is actually driving me nuts – it’s time to change things there. The change is already happening, but it’s still very vague. We will see in a few weeks where I am with that.

Mr D is being as silent as ever –  so there is no big change there. Although only today, I got another connection request from him on yet another social platform, on which we are both very much inactive. So in the virtual world, we are as connected as possible. My mum asked me about him yesterday – I think she thinks it’s time I found somebody who I can be happy with, and share the burdens with etc. I may have cried a little tiny bit telling her that he had practically disappeared.

On another note, I got chatted up last weekend. No app, no virtual nothing, he saw me in the supermarket, waited for me outside the shop and struck up a nice and very respectful conversation, without being boring. He is about double as tall as most people, including myself. He seemed a nice guy, but miles away from being interesting.

I am following my ideals and I am happy (except for that tiny cry last night). I am keeping myself occupied and content, and looking forward as well as making sure I am balanced and doing things that are good for me. I also feel a bit liberated – I’m not sure why really – but I am feeling more creative and ready to take the next steps in my life. So all is good. In very quiet way.


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