Journal Update #8

It’s definitely time for another journal update. I was really down in the dumps, constantly worrying and feeling that I was loosing something that had barely begun. I did get a little message reassuring me – but what is a reassurance in words when there is nothing else and no apparent reason for the distance?

Well, that little exchange calmed my soul a lot, even if it didn’t let me feel balanced and loved.

But then we did have a little chat – about this and that, and nothing. That is what has really lifted my spirits, together with the other little exchanges we have had over the last few days.

I miss him ever so much. I miss the little things more than anything. His voice. His smell. Knowing he is lying next to me in the mornings before I open my eyes. Him trying to stop me from doing the dishes (but of course I do them anyway, because the only reason they are not done yet is that he is busy with something that can’t wait).

There are plans of seeing each other again. Dates are emerging. Little messages are appearing that make me smile. I am beginning to feel the us again – such a small word with such a strong meaning.

So, as my Grandpa puts it, Life is truly wonderful.


3 thoughts on “Journal Update #8

    1. No, I still don’t know what is keeping him. I just know that communication is there again, and I am feeling good about that. I will find out what is going on sooner or later 🙂


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