Optimism Wins

It is not falling apart, and my heart is calm again. Hope has revived itself again and is ready to combat any doubt that may lift its ugly head. And yet, I only know that Mr D is on a path that he must walk on his own – I do not know what that path is, and why he must be on his own.

Nothing has changed. I know nothing new – the situation is still as strange as it was a couple of days ago. I just have a few new messages to go by.

Telling me that he promises he will be back with me soon.

Asking me to accept him this way for a while, and to hold on tight until then.

Assuring  me that there is nothing to be worried about.

And telling me not to be heartbroken, because there is no reason.

I cried. I have his promise. Everything will be alright. I trust him from the depth of my soul, but my heart needed his reassuring touch.

What a unique kind of love this is. Crazy, head over heels and yet so natural and calm. As I have said, common sense tells me to turn and walk away. But my soul and heart are sure and can only go forward – there is no turning away. Optimism was right.


4 thoughts on “Optimism Wins

  1. so just as we both assumed. all the good hope and optimism and trust in the universe and love came back in no time.
    hope your three (+1) give you a lot of strength in times of hardship. but you on your own seem so strong as well


    1. Yes, so it has. And – you have inspired me to write about personal strength and kids… I hear “your kids must give you strength /support /energy during hard times” a lot, and can never quite understand it… I think that might be one of the next things to explore on the blog 🙂


      1. They do – in a way. On the other hand, they need my full attention most (or so it seems) when I am struggling myself and actually need time for myself. I will explore how that works at my house… soon.


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