Journal Update #4

Are things straightening out? I don’t know. But I feel more reassured, more myself. There is no real reason for this – except that I am actually getting responses today from Mr D, and that his daughter is ill – which  explains why he was unavailable today/yesterday. It does not explain the distance and the quiet over the last month at all, however. That is something I am trying to get to the bottom of – we’ll see whether he will be available to talk today as he said he would be.

This week the court decision is going to be issued. I have had a court case going on for sole custody of my kids, because their dad insists on having them half the time but doesn’t really look after them. Mr Ex has avoided the hearing for 1.5 years, and got the hearing to be postponed time and again. Then last time, he announced in advance that he wouldn’t be able to be there for the hearing, but then turned up anyway, and the hearing was held (I wasn’t there because it had been clear that it would be postponed yet another time). Now the decision is due this week, and I’m trying not to think about it too much. According to my lawyer, things should be good. But I generally don’t trust lawyers very much.

I’m hoping I will be able to get passports for the kids with this decision (something Mr Ex has been blocking) and travel again. And have a simpler life, without having to catch up all the time for the things that haven’t been done in their time with Mr Ex. And kids that can get used to sleeping at night and being awake in the day, not the other way round. And them to be able to take up regular sport and music activities without missing half the lessons/sessions. Etc, etc.

So that is definitely at the back of my mind this week. Together with the love worries, which are closer to the front of my mind. My life might be changing drastically this week. I’m ready.





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