Journal Update #3

I spent the afternoon 150 km from home in a touristy town known for its beautiful medieval town center. Just me, with myself.

I have actually never done this. I have taken myself out to the opera a couple of times since I’ve had kids (which translates to the last 12 years), but I’ve never taken myself for a day trip. I’ve always either taken the kids out, or taken guests out. So that was interesting in itself.

It was packed with tourists of course, and I was one of them. The town really is beautiful and I took loads of pictures, so I also have something to show for it.

I do feel more at home in the wilderness though. In nature. I find it far more grounding than masses of people and buildings and noise. I don’t feel any peace after a day in any kind of town. I may feel excitement, or I might feel entertained, and towns and cities are interesting in a cultural, historic way. But today has not given me the kind of peace I was searching for.

Instead, I’m feeling rather exhausted in my legs and empty in my head.

Still, I’m glad I went. I’ve been wanting to see that particular town for some time now, and today there was no reason not to do exactly that.


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